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Marc Fruttero
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The persistent popularity of the European dance music, lasting over twenty years, o­n o­ne hand, the loss of its initial commercial character multiplied by the aspiration of its followers at the broadening of knowledge about the representatives of this geanre o­n the other, promted record lables to resume releasing records, lying o­n shelves for more than ten years. Thus, five years ago ZYX Records launched its "Italo 2000" projects, which consisted in republication of famous hits of those times. Huge volume of illegal production in Eeaster Europe and former Soviet countries is also impressive. As an alternative trend it is neccessary to mension the "I Love Disco Diamonds" series (Blanco Y Negro Records), including, besides well-known songs, a considerable amount of goods compositions, that for different reasons were not chosen to be published in famous complilations of the 80s. Deepening aquaintance with favorite music style changes the understanding of Italo disco among most of its followers: no longer is the geanre viewed as something uniform; the listeners start to discern currents in it, draw comparisons among what was released at different lables. The Internet became the most important way to access new information about Italo disco.

An important part in promoting rare titles and their performers is played by the aid of serious collectors, DJ's. It is necessary to render honors to the enthusiasm of those people, spending considerable sums, time and being proud to take in part music production and advertising their favorite artists. Marc Fruttero is a typical example of a musician, not recognized at a proper time. He knocked at doors of various music studios, but always got refusals. Marc's voice, resembling, to put it in his own words, Rick Astley's rather than MikoMission's, did not comply with the requirements of a commerical vocal. Not being bound to any single music field, Marc tries to work in different geanres: piano works, jazz, Italo disco, slow pop style.

Marc agrees: music is the best means of artistic expression. And this is really felt in the tunes and vocals of I Wanna Live With You and Crying For Love, suggested below for listening. Using arrangements and general song structure, typical for Italo disco, Marc managed to give both compositions penetrating lyrical mood, that distinguished them from the main bulk of studio hits.Supposedly, this circumstance is o­ne of the causes of their bad reception by record companies. Too much lyric and too little driving energy. Long instrumental parts, weekly outlined refrains, traditionally viewed as the culminating point of most songs. His songs suit listening in home environment better than discoteques.These were the thoughts I felt after the first listening of the record I Wanna Live With You / Crying For Love, released this year at Flashback Records. There are sticky songs with an easy to remember tune, which are sometimes difficult to throw out of o­nes head. o­ne must take some time to understand Frutteros songs.

I Wanna Live With You [Extended Version] ,
Crying For Love [Extended Version],
I Wanna Live With You [Miami Mix]
For further reading I suggest an interview, taken by Zeljko Vujkovic
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